6 years ago today I had THE kiss I waited 32 years to have…. 

One of my FAVORITE questions I’ve always enjoyed asking people my whole life was and still is today, ” How did you and your love meet?” 

This question not only gave me hope that one fine day I’d meet the man I KNEW in my heart of hearts was TRULY out there and I couldn’t sell myself short on what my heart not only LONGED for but trusted IF God put this desire on my heart than he very well can make it possible right?! 

After many tireless relationships that left me broken, sad, inspired to peace out and say I deserve the best God has to offer me not man’s poor cheap version of what true love is all about. 

What I was searching for and saving myself for in many ways and in that way that my husband to be wouldn’t BOLT once he heard the words, ” I’m saving myself for marriage.” That man that would NEVER even think about letting me go. 

Had I had given myself in ways I battled with forgiving myself for that hadn’t belonged to any other man than my future husband deserved yes. Oh how I cried over this one time and time again. However knowing just how much God loved me and with an AGAPE love made me see I knew what this world had to offer as “love” and what I could wait for. So, I did. 

I waited. I waited. I waaaaaaaaited. 

Then, like that cliche I was so easy to punch someone in the face for saying to me time and time again happened….It happened when I least expected it. 

 6 years, 1 day ago I met this funky hat wearing pool shark of a HOTT, crazy awesome curly haired man who stole my heart when he was supposed to be simply my “mister fun guy.” 

We had our first kiss 6 years ago today and it feels simply amazing knowing I never have to kiss anymore frogs, I’ve found my prince to kiss for eternity. 

Happy Anniversary weekend of meeting babe. 

 I love you Jason Michael Jackson 

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